We’re building something different here.

Something new and maybe a little bit weird for a business, and especially a startup.

First off, we’re not in a hurry. Doing what’s right is better than doing what’s expedient.

We believe in quality over quantity. That time is precious and curation is an invaluable service.

We’re building something that aligns our outcomes with our customers’ outcomes.

And our future employees’ outcomes, too.

At the core of it, we’re building a lifestyle business, in almost all senses of the phrase.

For business sellers, we’re helping unlock the lifestyle they want to lead.

For our buyers, we’re helping them transition into the entrepreneurial lifestyle they want.

For ourselves and our future employees, we’re building this to enable the working lifestyle we want.

We’re in this to create the lives each of us want to live, by helping our customers live the lives they want to live.

We care, as a first principle. We care for ourselves, we care about each other, and we care for our customers, their businesses, and their data.

We also care about the place we live – Central Indiana – and concentrate our efforts on improving things right here. We’re going to be fiercely local.

We care about our work – and how we work.

We work openly and honestly.

We ask questions freely.

We lead with a shared context and start with “why.”

We examine the possibilities and then pick the most effective one – and skip the rest.

We’re in this for the long haul, and not for a quick buck.

Finally: We tell jokes, we laugh, and despite what the rest of this might sound like, we don’t take things too seriously.

Just the important parts.

So, follow along for a while while we explore what it means to own a business, to sell a business, to buy a business, and finally – what it means to build this kind of business.